My Books

My plan to write a book in the next two years is a series of seven books, that consist of:

  • API Black Book (published)
  • Docker Black Book (in writing process)
  • AI for Productivity Guide
  • Cloud Computing Black Book
  • DevOps Black Book
  • No Code Black Book
  • Software Project Management

My latest book, API Black Book, is finally out-of-print. Unfortunately, the selling price given by the publisher is very high, so it may not be affordable for the target market, such as students or those learning programming.

This triggered me to plan my own publishing company. As regulations become easier these days, it should not be too hard to start. I contacted several service companies to arrange a sole proprietorship license for this publication. Furthermore, I need to find a printer that can be trusted to avoid piracy.

For the next books, I will publish them myself so that the price of the books is more affordable for those who need them.

My first book was published in 2012, about information system project management. The book’s concept is quite obsolete now because it’s still discussing traditional project management with the waterfall model. Today there are a lot more methodologies.

Allright, so I tried to find out how many times my book was cited by journals related to information systems or software development after more than ten years of publication. I found that, according to there were 1121 papers that mentioned me. Through search engines, I also found traces of theses and journals that also cited my book, such as the excerpt below.

These are some samples of what I found:

This certainly triggered me to start writing again about practical systems or information technology project management, so it is not based on heavy theories, but is easy to put into practice by those who will start implementing project management in their work. So, hopefully in 2024 I can publish this first book through my own publishing company.